Nuclia’s AI-powered web search component

Integrate Nuclia’s web search component into your application to offer the power of an AI-powered search engine to your visitors. 

Unlock and index the content from videos and audios

Integrate Nuclia’s search with any application in seconds

Thanks to our web component, you can integrate Nuclia’s search into any application, in seconds. There is no need to code.

Detect and automatically extract named entities

Build your search engine with no code

By using Nuclia’s web application or desktop application, uploading data to Nuclia does not require any code. Once your data is uploaded, Nuclia engine does the rest.

OCR on videos

OCR for video and images

Nuclia OCRs videos and images and indexes all the content.

Let your visitors or users access the archive

Let your visitors search & find meaningful data

Nuclia’s AI-powered search let users make semantic search, so they can find what they want without using specific keywords.

Integrate Nuclia

Any data, any source

AI-powered search for any type of data, any language and using of any data source.

Integrate Nuclia with your application in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.