Train and fine-tune your own AI classification models

Empower your company with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI by training your very own AI classification models, all done directly from your browser and with your own unstructured data. Nuclia offers a wide range of AI models that cater to your specific needs, helping you unlock new possibilities for your business.

AI Labeler for document auto-classification

Nuclia’s automatic label training feature enables you to effortlessly train automatic classification models for various types of resources. With this capability, you can teach Nuclia, how to accurately classify different types of data, including contracts, reports, and NDAs.

The applications of label training extend far beyond simple classification, as it can help users find the right answers quickly, limit search results to specific labels, and even set up security access permissions based on resource labels. 

Use Cases

Data auto-classification

Train Nuclia to classify your company’s documents, such as contracts, reports, and NDAs, automatically organizing them for easier management.

Enhanced Search
Enable users to find relevant information by limiting searches to resources with specific labels, improving the accuracy and speed of searches.

Security Access Management
Utilize labels to establish security access permissions, ensuring sensitive data is appropriately restricted to authorized personnel only.

AI Labeler for paragraphs

In addition to documents classification, Nuclia allows to train AI models specifically for paragraph-level classification. This feature is perfect for identifying similar paragraphs within contracts or documents, as well as detecting paragraphs discussing similar topics. By harnessing the power of AI, you can streamline information retrieval and perform content analysis at an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Use Cases

Contract Analysis

Teach Nuclia to identify paragraphs with similar content within contracts, making it easier to spot common clauses or specific provisions.

Content Categorization
Detect paragraphs talking about the same topics across various documents, enabling you to gain valuable insights from large datasets efficiently.

AI Label search intent

Our label search intent training feature empowers users to build a phrase-based classifier using labeled resources and paragraphs within their Knowledge Box (KB). This process creates a sophisticated model that suggests relevant labels during searches, leading to more targeted and precise results.

Refined Search Experience

By using the search intent model, users can receive label suggestions as they conduct searches, improving the search experience and delivering more accurate results. See an example

AI Named Entity Recognition Model

Train your very own Named Entity Recognition (NER) model with our platform. NER is a powerful AI technique that identifies and classifies entities within text, such as names of people, organizations, locations, dates, and more. By training a custom NER model, you can extract critical information from your documents with ease.

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