Why Nuclia?

For developers

Nuclia is an easy-to-use & low-code API enabling developers to build AI-powered search engines for any data and any data-source in minutes — while not having to worry about scalability, data indexing and the high learning curves and implementation of complex search systems.

Build an AI-powered search engine in minutes.
From any data & source


Easy-to-use REST API

Nuclia Rest API is well documented and easy to use. Integration with any application is fast and simple.

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Video & audio transcription

Nulica transcribes video & audio from content in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Catalan. All transcriptions get semantically indexed.

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Paragraph extraction

Paragraphs from any data, including videos, get indexed. Users can find specific paragraphs from files in different languages, thanks to Nuclia’s multi-language search capabilities.

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Named entity recognition

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box name entity recognition. Nuclia also lets to create and train specific NER models to fit any need.

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Specific-domain data training

Train Nuclia with your own data to generate your own unique data models. Training is done through an easy-to-use web interface.

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Automated data indexing

Nuclia automatically indexes any kind of data in any data source. Upload data by using the API, the web interface or the desktop application.

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It's all about scalability

Nuclia is highly scalable so developers don’t have to bother about scalability problems.

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Data vectorization

All data gets vectorized automatically. Search queries to the API are also vectorized so Nuclia’s search results are multi-language semantic results based on paragraphs.

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Multi language semantic search

Search in any language and find what is relevant.

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Automatic data anonymization

Automatically anonymize data. 
Make data GDPR compliant.

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Data auto-classification

Train your models with a click and get your data auto-classified. Not only files but also paragraphs.

Integrate Nuclia’s AI-search into your application,
in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search into any application.