Why Nuclia
for developers?

Nuclia is an easy-to-use & low-code API enabling developers to build AI-powered search engines for any data and any data source in minutes — without having to worry about scalability, data indexing, and the high learning curves and implementation of complex search systems.

Build an AI-powered search engine in minutes. From any data & source.

Easy-to-use REST API

Nuclia Rest API is well-documented and easy to use. Integration with any application is fast and simple.

Video & audio transcription

Nuclia transcribes video & audio from content in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Catalan. All transcriptions get semantically indexed.

Specific-domain data training

Train Nuclia with your own data to generate your own unique data models. Training is done through an easy-to-use web interface.

Named entity recognition

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box name entity recognition. Nuclia also lets you create and train specific NER models to fit any need.

Automated data indexing

Nuclia automatically indexes any kind of data in any data source. Upload data by using the API, the web interface, or the desktop application.

It's all about scalability

Nuclia is highly scalable so developers don’t have to worry about scalability problems.

Data vectorization

All data gets vectorized automatically. Search queries to the API are also vectorized so Nuclia’s search results are multi-language semantic results based on paragraphs.

Paragraph extraction

Paragraphs from any data, including videos, get indexed. Users can find specific paragraphs from files in different languages, thanks to Nuclia’s multi-language search capabilities.

Automatic data anonymization and classification

Automatically anonymize data. 
Make data GDPR compliant. Train your models with a click and get your data auto-classified. Not only files but also paragraphs.

Multi-language semantic search

Search in any language and find what is relevant.