Nuclia for customer service and conversational AI

Leverage Nuclia’s AI search and generative answers to get faster responses for customers, increased agent productivity, lower support costs, higher conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction scores, and greater revenue.

Key features

Out-of-the-box generative answers from your existing knowledge
Nuclia automatically retrieves the information from your existing knowledge, videos or manuals providing optimized search results and generative answers. Allow your customers to get answers not only by keywords but also using natural language, in almost any language.
Multi language questions & answers
Irrespective of the language used by the user or the language of your documentation, Nuclia’s generative answers enables it to find relevant knowledge and provide answers in the language of the user’s question.
Know what you don’t know but customers are asking for
All answers provided by Nuclia AI are exclusively generated based on existing documentation. If Nuclia doesn’t find sufficient information on your documents to provide an accurate response to your customer, the question is forwarded to an agent. Nuclia learns from the agent’s provided answer, enabling it to have a response on subsequent occasions.

How you can leverage Nuclia for customer support

Build your own chatbot
Use Nuclia’s retrieval capabilities for faster customer query resolution, relevant responses, less human intervention and reduced costs.
Empower your existing chatbot
Plug Nuclia’s AI to your current chatbot and start providing AI search and generative answers to your customers without the need for hiring data scientists, assembling an ML team, or managing complex AI infrastructure.
Customer self-service search widget
Let customers know more about your services and reduce the amount of customer questions
Generative customer answers via Whatsapp/Telegram
Just like a chatbot, you can also leverage a messaging app to ensure auto-generated responses with your customers. A quick response that you can keep chatting with.
Generative answers by email
Companies receive inquiries via email regarding functionalities, subscription plans, operational complaints, usage issues, billing details, and more. This volume of information needs to be classified and responded to and often resulting in users waiting for days to receive a reply.

Nuclia generates an automatic response to the described problem and drafts a response that reaches the customer much more quickly, enhancing their satisfaction with the service.

Want to know more?

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