Generative search for websites

Nuclia generative AI site search leverages AI and natural language processing to comprehend user intent, generating pertinent answers and suggestions based on your website’s existing content.

Precision beyond keywords
Nuclia’s generative AI search surpasses the constraints of keyword-based searches, delving into the intent behind user queries. This ensures users receive precise and relevant responses, even when their phrasing doesn’t exactly match.
Multi language search & answers
Irrespective of the language used by the user or the language of your site, Nuclia’s generative AI search enables users to find relevant information and provide answers in the language of the user’s question.
Train your own AI label search intent

Help your visitors to find exactly what the are looking for by suggesting the right labels according to their natural language query. See an example.

Personalized experiences
Just as users and visitors are diverse, so are their search preferences. Nuclia generative AI search tailors responses to individual users, providing personalized answers that resonate with their needs, preferences, and behaviors.
Insights for improvement

Nuclia generative AI search offers insights into user questions your current content might not address. This information enables you to identify content gaps and refine your offerings to meet user demands.

Boosted conversion rates
A seamless and productive search experience keeps users engaged, leading to longer sessions and increased conversion opportunities. Users who find what they’re seeking are more inclined to take action.

Integrate Nuclia in your website in not even a minute.

Elevating your website with generative AI search using Nuclia is a swift process. Trust us.

Start integrating Nuclia by: 

– Indexing your sitemap.xml with the Nuclia Desktop Application
– Indexing specific URLs, including Youtube videos.
– Add Nuclia’s Widget to your site or integrate our API to your site.

Want to know more?

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See you soon!