Nuclia WordPress plugin

Provide generative answer and semantic search on your WordPress content.

Thanks to the Nuclia WordPress plugin, you can index all your WordPress web site pages and attached files in a Nuclia Knowledge Box and then offer a powerful search experience to your visitors, including generative answer.

And it can be achieved in only few steps:

  • Create your Nuclia account
  • Install the plugin: go to your WordPress Plugin management page, search for the Nuclia plugin and install it.
  • Configure: set your credentials and define which contents you want to be searchable.

  • Nuclia WordPress plugin configuration

    You can index all your existing contents. Any content change/creation will be automatically indexed.

  • Insert the search widget: the plugin offers a nuclia_searchbox shortcode so you can embed the Nuclia search widget in your site. By adding answers in the features, you will enable generative answer. You can check the widget editor in your Nuclia dashboard to get all the possible options.

Want to know more?

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See you soon!