Podcast indexing & search

Make all your podcasts accessible. Nuclia transcribes podcasts, splits the content into meaningful paragraphs and offers AI-powered semantic search so you can find what you need.

nuclia video semantic search
Unlock and index the content from videos and audios

Unlock and index the content from podcasts and audio

Nuclia transcribes podcasts & audio from 20+ languages. All transcriptions get semantically indexed.

Meaningful paragraphs

Meaningful paragraphs

Once podcasts are transcribed, Nuclia splits text into meaningful paragraphs.

Semantic search on videos

Semantic search on podcasts

Find specific moments from podcasts or audio by using multi-language semantic search.

Automatic named entity recognition and extraction

Automatically named entity recognition and extraction

Nuclia automatically detects and indexes key information from videos: names of people, names of organizations, dates — regardless of the language of the content. 

You can also train Nuclia to detect your domain-specific NERs.

Name entity recognition
icona languages

Transcription Languages

• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• German

• Catalan
• Indian
• French
• Portuguese
• Chinese
• Russian
• Turkish
• Vietnamese
• Dutch
• Arabic

• Greek
• Farsi
• Filipino
• Ukrainian
• Kazakh
• Swedish
• Japanese
• Esperanto

More languages to come!

No need to upload videos

No need to upload podcasts

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box integrations with major podcast platforms.

Integrate Nuclia

Integrate Nuclia

Integrate Nuclia’s AI-powered search engine into your application with a web component, using SDK or an API integration.

Integrate Nuclia with your application in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.