How to build a search engine for videos

Talks, conferences, meetings, lessons, how-to-tutorials, teaching lessons, product reviews, webinars… Video is absolutely everywhere.

How can you make all these videos accessible and searchable? How can you index their content, regardless of where they are hosted or their language?

In this article, we will show you how to build a video search engine for all your videos with Nuclia.

1st step – Create your account

Creating an account is free.

Nuclia offers a free tier so you can start building your video search engine.
To sign up for Nuclia, go to and request beta access to the platform.


2nd step – 3 easy ways to upload videos or index Youtube videos

To start creating your video search engine, you first have to let Nuclia access the videos. To do so you have 3 different ways.

  • Upload videos using the dashboard
    To upload videos from the dashboard interface, go to the dashboard left menu and select “File upload”

Once your video is uploaded, you’ll be asked to select the language of the video. This will let Nuclia transcribe the contents of your video and separate it into paragraphs.

  • Upload videos using Nuclia’s API.
    The fastest way to upload videos to Nuclia is by using the API. Below is an example of how you upload a file. You can find all the API documentation in our developer portal.

-H "authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" \
-T /path/to/file
  • Index Youtube videos using just its URL
    Indexing the content of a Youtube video is as simple as supplying the URL of the video and pasting it into Nuclia.

1. Copy the Youtube video URL

2. Select “Upload link” from the left dashboard menu

3. Paste the Youtube video URL

And… Voilà! After a few minutes you will see all the data from your videos indexed and searchable



Step 3 – Empower any web application with a video search engine in 10 seconds

Nuclia Widget allows you to empower any application with a video search engine just by embedding a line of code.

To do so, go to the left side menu and select the option “Widget”

Personalise the look and feel from your widget.
Once done, you just need to copy the code Nuclia generates and paste it to your application.
You’ll then have a video search engine in your app. 


Would you like to see the widget in action?

Check it out here:
– Rust Conference talks search
– Svelte Summit talks search

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

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