Making the unsearchable, searchable.

Use Nuclia low-code API to build an AI & multi-language semantic search engine in minutes. For any data, including audios and videos, and any source.

How does it work?


Super easy data ingestion

Ingest data to Nuclia from any source, in any language and almost any format.

Use Nuclia desktop application for data ingestion by just some mouse clicks.

3 ways to ingest data:


Data normalization without any efforts.

Nuclia engine automatically normalizes unstructured data: transcribes video and audio, extracts all content from images, documents or textual information. It vectorizes all data and creates the index.


Own your data:
Host data at Nuclia's cloud or at your own infrastructure

Deploy NucliaDB, the open-source data base done by Nuclia, at your cloud or use it in our infrastructure. Own your data, all the time. 

NucliaDB is the open-source, cloud native & multimodal indexing database where all processed data gets stored.

It provides:


Search. Find. Discover information.

Build and optimized search-experience using Nuclia API to get, for example, semantic results, specific paragraphs, text or relations. Make a Nuclia call to get results!
Upload any kind of content curl -T ./Lord_of_the_Rings.pdf curl -T ./Lord_of_the_Rings.mp4 Search for matching sentences curl | jq .sentences.results[0].text It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. Search for semantically relevant paragraphs curl | jq .paragraphs.results[0].text The Men of Bree were brown-haired, broad, and rather short, cheerful and independent: they belonged to nobody but themselves; but they were more friendly and familiar with Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, and other inhabitants of the world about them than was (or is) usual with Big People. According to their own tales they were the original inhabitants and were the descendants of the first Men that ever wandered into the West of the middle-world. Few had survived the turmoils of the Elder Days; but when the Kings returned again over the Great Sea they had found the Bree-men still there, and they were still there now, when the memory of the old Kings had faded into the grass. … or even for a video sequence curl | jq '.paragraphs.results[0] | {text, starSeconds, endSeconds}' {"text": "One does not simply walk into Mordor", "startSeconds": 6128, "endSeconds": 6132} Search for relations curl | jq .paragraphs.relations[].title ["Frodo", "Gandalf", "Sam", "Merry", "Pippin", "Aragorn", "Boromir", "Legolas", "Gimli"]


Boost your application with Nuclia's search web component.

Add Nuclia to your application in seconds. Use Nuclia’s Open SDK to create your own front-end.
Understand how users are searching in your applications with Nuclia’s dashboard. 

Nuclia AI search

Integrate Nuclia's AI-search into your application,
in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s ai-powered search in any application.