Why Nuclia?

Nuclia is an easy-to-use & low-code API enabling developers to build in minutes, AI-powered search engines for any data and any data-source, while forgetting about scalability, data indexing and high learning and implementation curves from complex search systems. 

For developers.

Build an AI-powered search engine in minutes. For any data & data-souce


Easy-to-use REST API

Nuclia Rest API is well documented and easy to use. Integration with any application is fast and simple.

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Video & audio transcription

Nulica transcribes videos & audios from content in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Catalan. All transcriptions get semantically indexed.

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Paragraph extraction

Paragraphs from any data, including videos, get indexed. Users can find specific paragraphs from files in different languages, thanks to Nuclia's multi-language search capabilities.

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Named entity recognition

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box name entity recognition. Nuclia also lets to create and train specific NER models to fit any need.

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Specific-domain data training

Train Nuclia's with your own data to generate your very unique data models. Training is done through an easy-to-use web interface.

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Automated data indexing

Nuclia automatically indexes any kind of data in any data source. Upload data by using the API, the web interface or the desktop application.

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It's all about scalability

Nuclia is highly scalable so developers don't have to bother about scalability problems.

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Data vectorization

All data gets vectorized automatically. Search queries to the API are also vectorized so Nuclia's search results are multi language semantic results based on paragraphs.

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Multi language semantic search

Search in any language and find what is relavant.

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Automatic data anonymization

Automatically anonymize data. 
Make data GDPR compliance.

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Data auto-classification

Train your models with a click and get your data auto-classified. Not only files but also paragraphs.

For businesses.

Next generation of AI-powered search in minutes at a fraction of a cost.

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Unlock data and make it findable

Nuclia automatically indexes any kind of data in any data source. Make your data always accessible and findable, regardless the format or the language.

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All time support

Nuclia provides an outstanding support so any issue or doubt can be solved fast.

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Own your data. Host your data

Thanks to the open-source NucliaDB, you can directly host your data and keep it in your own infraestrucutre.

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Make data GDPR compliance

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box data anonymization capabilities that let business to anonymize data and make it GDPR compliance automatically.

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Control who access to your data

Nuclia organizes data in "Knowledge boxes". Decide who can access to each box.

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Supercharge your "search " without the need of dedicated developers

Adding Nuclia's capabilities to any application is a matter of minutes. There is no need to have a super-senior team to keep your search on.

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Understand how your data is searched

Nuclia's easy-to-understand dashboard, shows how your data is searched and how users are finding information. Also shows the number of quieres, amount of information of your system and lots of business relevant data.

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No need for super-hight implementation costs

Low-code and easy-to-use Nuclia's API let any business to offer AI-powered semantic search in minuets, saving months of implementation costs.

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Multi language semantic search

Search in any language and find what is relavant.

Integrate Nuclia with your application in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.