Nuclia for startups

Empower your startup product with an ai-powered search engine.

As a startup, if your product requires a search engine, you’ll get a free-forever tier, so you can launch your solution into the market faster by building and deploying an AI-powered search engine for any data, in minutes, with Nuclia’s low-code API.

The Nuclia startup program

The Nuclia Startup Program empowers early stage companies with the need of a search engine, to own an AI-powered search engine for any data without any efforts.

The Startup Program provides startups with tools and resources to develop and deploy an AI-powered with Nuclia’s low-code and end-to-end.

Considering applying for the
Nuclia Startup Program?

As part of the Nuclia Startup Program, you’ll be able to:

• beat any potential competitors to market
• receive world-class support in building your software business
• a free-forever tier that will let you start using Nuclia 100% for free

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