Nuclia for startups

Empower your startup with AI search

As a startup, if your product requires a search engine delivering the right answers to your users, you’ll get access to the startup program. 

What is the Nuclia Startup program?

The Nuclia Startup Program, offers to startups  access to a very unique tier, offering a big discount, access to premium and beta functionalities, premium support and access to the development road map and the possibility to influence it. 

Considering applying for the Nuclia Startup Program?

As part of the Nuclia Startup Program, you’ll be able to:

• Beat any potential competitors to market
• Receive world-class support in building your software business
• A tier that will let you start using Nuclia with a very big discount. 

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The Startup Program provides startups with tools and resources to develop and deploy AI search in their products.