Why Nuclia
for businesses?

Nuclia allows any business to have their own next generation AI-powered search engine for any data — while saving time, money and IT resources.

Next generation AI-powered search at fraction of the cost

Unlock data and make it findable

Nuclia automatically indexes any kind of data in any data source. Make your data always accessible and findable, regardless of the format or language.

Comprehensive support

Nuclia provides an outstanding support so any issue or problem can be solved quickly.

Own your data, host your data

Thanks to the open-source NucliaDB, you can directly host your data and keep it in your own infrastructure.

Make data GDPR compliant

Nuclia offers out-of-the-box data anonymization capabilities that let businesses anonymize data and make it GDPR compliant, automatically.

Control who access to your data

Nuclia organizes data in “knowledge boxes”. Decide who can access each container.

Supercharge your search without the need of dedicated developers

Adding Nuclia’s capabilities to any application can be done in a matter of minutes.

Understand how your data is searched

Nuclia's easy-to-understand dashboard, shows how your data is searched and how users are finding information. Also shows the number of quieres, amount of information of your system and lots of business relevant data.

No need for super-high implementation costs

Low-code and easy-to-use — Nuclia’s API lets any business offer AI-powered semantic search in minutes, saving you months of implementation.

Multi language semantic search

Search in any language, and find relevant results.

Integrate Nuclia’s AI search into your application, in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.