The unstructured data database

NucliaDB is an open-source, cloud native & multimodal indexing vector database for unstructured data with high reading performance. Host data at Nuclia’s cloud or at your own infrastructure.

What you need to know about NucliaDB

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It's a cloud native data base

Install NuliaDB in multiple cloud storage providers such
Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure File Storage or
Alibaba file cloud storage.

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Ultra-high read performance

NucliaDB offers an ultra-high read performance to provide queries at scale.

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Multimodel indexing

One database, multiple indexes

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NucliaDB it’s an open-source project open to developers willing to contribute to it. 

Integrate Nuclia's AI-search into your application,
in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.