Nuclia for financial institutions and capital market organizations

Nuclia revolutionises how financial institutions navigate the unstructured data landscape and elevate their decision-making processes by providing AI search and generative answers on top of internal unstructured data while keeping 100% privacy and security. 

AI search and generative answers for financial institutions

Automating unstructured data indexing
Through the fusion of natural language processing and AI algorithms, Nuclia empowers financial institutions to automatically index unstructured data from both internal and external sources. Say goodbye to hours of manual searching and sifting through unstructured data – Nuclia brings optimised search results and generative answers that deliver actionable insights.
From unstructured to actionable: power in variety
Financial data comes in various forms – from textual reports to multimedia content. Nuclia handles it all. Whether it’s video and audio transcription, image content extraction, or document parsing, Nuclia transforms unstructured data into structured, actionable information. Imagine automatically transcribing earnings calls, extracting key metrics from annual reports, and analyzing market trends from news articles. Nuclia makes the most complex data usable and valuable.
The language of search: intuitive and multilingual
Revolutionize the way you interact with data. Nuclia introduces a paradigm shift by enabling natural language queries in almost any language. No more struggling with keywords – simply ask a question, and Nuclia provides the answers. For financial professionals seeking quick and accurate insights from diverse sources, Nuclia’s multilingual capabilities eliminate language barriers and streamline your quest for knowledge.

100% on-premise, 100% privacy

On-premise deployment: your data, your control

At Nuclia, we understand the importance of data security and sovereignty. That’s why we offer an on-premise installation option. Host Nuclia within your own infrastructure, ensuring complete control over sensitive information.

This approach allows organizations to leverage Nuclia’s advanced capabilities while maintaining compliance with your internal policies and regulatory requirements.

The power of private generative AI: accurate answers, absolute privacy

Nuclia offers a 100% private generative AI model that delivers astonishingly accurate answers. Pose complex queries and receive insightful responses from our generative AI while maintaining the highest level of data privacy and security. Nuclia’s private generative AI ensures reliable and confidential insights, setting a new standard in AI-generated responses. 

Organisations can also fine-tune their own generative model trained only with their internal data. 

NucliaDB, the open source multi-modal database optimised for knowledge search

NucliaDB is a robust database that allows storing and searching on unstructured data. It is an out of the box hybrid search database, utilising vector, full text and graph indexes, is written in Rust and Python and it is designed to index large datasets and provide multi-tenant support. Learn more

Azure integration: expanding possibilities
For those looking to explore ChatGPT capabilities at Azure, Nuclia offers seamless integration. Combine the power of ChatGPT with Nuclia’s advanced indexing and data handling capabilities to tap into the full potential of AI-generated responses. This integration caters to the diverse needs of the financial industry, expanding the scope of Nuclia’s services.

Effortless data ingestion

Choose the way to upload data to Nuclia from any source, in any language, in almost any format.

The easiest and fastest way to upload data to Nuclia from almost any data source. Connect and sync with most popular productivity apps such as Dropbox, Drive, Confluence, Vimeo, Sharepoint or with file systems like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud.

Use the API to make search queries and integrate Nuclia inside any application.
Visit our API Documentation

Uploading data via the web application is as easy as dragging & dropping files, adding URLs, text files or videos. Train your data with specific AI models, and access the API usage dashboard.
Chrome extension allows users to easily index a web page or a YouTube video in Nuclia. You just need to right-click a link and you can index its corresponding content in your Nuclia knowledge box.
The Nuclia CLI is a command-line utility allowing to interact with Nuclia.

It requires Python (≥3.7) and can be installed with:

pip install nuclia

It allows to create resources, perform search queries, get resources metadata, and many other operations.

You will find the Nuclia CLI documentation here.

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