Activity Log, know what your company doesn’t know

What is the Activity Log?

The Activity Log is a robust monthly reporting feature that empowers Nuclia administrators with visibility into user search intent while also revealing gaps in the information the users seeks from the company.

Why is the Activity Log important?

Facilitating continuous improvement:
The Activity Log spotlights areas where the company’s knowledge falls short, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement. This prompts organizations to invest in expanding and refining their knowledge base.

Elevating user experience: Through meticulous search quality assessment, businesses can furnish users with precise, relevant, and accurate answers and results. This translates into a seamless and efficient search experience.

Informed, data-driven decision-making: The insights furnished by the Activity Log empower businesses to make educated decisions. Whether it involves refining Nuclia’s AI search and generative answers or creating fresh content, these decisions are rooted in tangible user data.

Amplified user-centric approach: Armed with a profound understanding of user intent, companies can customize their offerings to align seamlessly with customer needs and requests. This alignment profoundly impacts customer satisfaction and engenders loyalty.

The Activity Log is available in both the Growth and Enterprise tiers.

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