Semantic search
for Drupal

Optimize your Drupal search with Nuclia’s AI powered search API

Nuclia is an easy-to-use & low-code API enabling developers to build AI-powered search engines for any data and any data-source in minutes — while not having to worry about scalability, data indexing and the high learning curves and implementation of complex search systems.

Bring Drupal search to the next level,
and let users find everything

How does Nuclia bring your Drupal search to the next level?
  • Nuclia’s semantic AI is able to “understand” what your users are looking for.
  • Nuclia’s AI replaces the complexity of rule-based searching and offers a better experience to users.
  • Nuclia offers better and more relevant results to users by mixing in a “single” result, keyword results and semantic results.
  • If a user doesn’t know the exact keyword to search for, they can just describe what they want, and get optimized results.
About this module
This module allows you to use Nuclia as your search engine in your Drupal website with the Drupal’s search API.


This module requires a Nuclia account. You can sign up for a free trial at


Installing module

  • Download the module and all of its dependencies using composer: composer require drupal/search_api_nucliadb
  • Enable the module’s dependencies on the modules admin page url (/admin/modules).


Configuring search API server and index

  • On the Search API administration page (/admin/config/search/search-api), add a new server, select backend “NucliaDB”, and check the “Enabled” checkbox.
  • In the “Configure NucliaDB backend” section, fill in “Zone”, “Token” an “Knowledge base Identifier” field using information found in your Nuclia cloud account on
  • On the Search API administration page (/admin/config/search/search_api), add a new index, enable it and select the server you just created in the previous section.
  • On the “Fields” tab of your index (/admin/config/search/search_api/index/[YOUR INDEX NAME]/fields), check all the fields you want to have indexed in the Nuclia index as you usually do when you set up Search API index.
  • On the “Processors” of your index (/admin/config/search/search_api/index/[YOUR INDEX NAME]/processors), select the processors you want to apply before the data is being sent to NucliaDB’s servers

Integrate Nuclia’s AI-search into your application,
in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search into any application.