Nuclia updates 2023-01-16


New integrations are here! 
Our desktop application now offers two new connectors, including the OneDrive connector for accessing and managing your files on Microsoft’s cloud storage service, and the Brightcove connector for managing your video content on Brightcove’s platform. Talk about a one-stop-shop!

Say hello to advanced search queries
Need to perform some complex searches on your indexed documents?
No problem!
Nuclia’s advanced query feature allows you to use Boolean operators, proximity searches, phrase searches, and more, making the search process more efficient and accurate. And managing your resources just got a whole lot easier with our new dashboard that allows you to import links in bulk and import text resources from CSV files.

Nuclia in your private application
And for our private knowledge box users, we’ve added a Nuclia search widget to make running searches from your intranet or restricted access web applications a breeze. And let’s not forget about our new sign up and onboarding experience, which makes it easy for new users to test out the search feature immediately after creating their account.

Specially dedicated to datascientists
Last but not least, for the data scientists out there, we’ve added two new Python libraries (nucliadb-sdk and nucliadb-dataset) for a simple and direct usage of NucliaDB. You can now push vectors to NucliaDB, annotate data, run trainings, and download Arrow files all in one place. So what are you waiting for? Give Nuclia a try and take your data preprocessing game to the next level!

Named entity recognition gets improved
Our improved NER feature allows you to easily identify and extract entities such as names, locations, and organizations from your text data. And the best part? You can now train Nuclia with your own specific categories, making it a true sidekick for everyone!

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