How Nuclia transformed the search experience at the Central University of Catalonia

The Central University of Catalonia (UCC) is a leading research and education institution in Manresa (Barcelona), with a strong focus on innovation and technology. In recent years, UCC has been working to improve its digital infrastructure, with a particular focus on providing better access to students and professors to unstructured data, such as videos, PDFs and other multimedia content. 

To achieve this goal, UCC turned to Nuclia to help indexing and searching unstructured data, including videos. Using Nuclia, UCC has been able to improve its search experience for students and teachers, making it easier for them to find the information they need.

Number of students: +- 2000 students
Staff (teachers and staff): +-300 staff
Use case: Nuclia’s AI search technology is available for use by students and teachers to assist with searching through unstructured data such as papers, reports, and videos. The technology is integrated within the university virtual campus, making it easily accessible.

Making any data accesible to students and teachers

❌  The problem

Before Nuclia, UCC faced several challenges with its search experience. The university had a large amount of unstructured data, including videos and other multimedia content, which was difficult to search and navigate. This made it hard for students and teachers to find the information they needed, and they often had to spend a lot of time and effort searching through multiple sources and opening a lot of files.

👍 The solution

With Nuclia, UCC has been able to overcome these challenges and offer a much better search experience. Nuclia’s semantic search capabilities allow UCC to index any data in any language, making it easy for students and teachers to find relevant information regardless of the language it is in. This has been a major advantage for UCC, as it has a diverse student body with many different language backgrounds.