Any data indexing & accessibility

Unlock any data from with Nuclia’s AI-powered search engine. Index everything, effortless, from videos to PDF, URLs or text files, and make data 100% accessible. 

Unlock and index the content from videos and audios

Unlock and semantically index all data

Nuclia semantically indexes any content from archives wherever the data is. It also transcribes video & audio from English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Catalan.
Index content from multimedia files. Find specific moments from videos in seconds.

Detect and automatically extract named entities

Detect and automatically extract named entities from data

Nuclia automatically detects and indexes key information from videos: names of people, names of organizations, dates — regardless of the language of the content. 

You can also train Nuclia to detect your domain-specific NERs.

OCR on videos

OCR of videos and images

Nuclia OCRs videos and images and indexes all content.

Let your visitors or users access the archive

Make your data accessible

Integrate Nuclia’s search engine with your data in minutes, and make all data accessible.

Integrate Nuclia

Integrate Nuclia

Integrate Nuclia’s AI-powered search engine into your application with a web component, using the SDK, or an API integration.

Integrate Nuclia AI-search with your application,
in minutes.

Use our low-code web component to integrate Nuclia’s semantic search in any application.