AI search for Dropbox

AI search for Dropbox. For any data, including videos. With Nuclia, build a better search and find the right answers in your Dropbox.

Dropbox is great to store files, but it is not so great to search for them. Unless what you are searching for is explicitly mentioned in the file name, you will not find anything useful.
With Nuclia, you can run AI search on your Dropbox file contents, and find what you are looking for in seconds.

Step 1: create a Nuclia knowledge box

Nuclia manages contents into knowledge boxes. To get started, just sign up on, and create your free account. Nuclia will automatically create a default knowledge box for you.

Step 2: create a Dropbox access token

To upload Dropbox files to Nuclia, you need to provide the needed credentials through an access token.

Go to your Dropbox console and create a new application:

  • select Scoped access,
  • select Full Dropbox,
  • enter a name and click Create app
  • go to Permissions tab, and enable and,
  • click on Generate to generate a new access token and copy it.

Step 3: upload your Dropbox files to Nuclia

On the Nuclia Dashboard home page, there is a box allowing to download the Nuclia Desktop Application.

Download the application, and install it on your computer. When you launch it, it automatically connects to your Nuclia account.

Click on New upload and then select Dropbox.

That is where you should paste the access token you just generated in the previous step.

Then click on Next step, and now you get the list of files in your Dropbox account.
You can filter them using the search box, and select the ones you want to upload to Nuclia.

Then click on Next step, and you can now select Nuclia cloud as destination for your files. Select the knowledge box (if you have several), and click Upload.

Step 4: run AI search on your Dropbox files!

Now that your Dropbox files are in Nuclia, and after they are fully processed (it can take few minutes depending on the files size), you can run AI search on them!

Just go to the Nuclia Dashboard home page, you can check the processing status of your files in the Resources list page, and when they are all ready, go to the Search page and start searching!

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